Bring your team to the fight against human trafficking

$1/day per employee to fight human trafficking. 

By joining the Calling Guardians movement, every day your employees come to work, you are bringing them directly into the fight for justice.

Be a guardian

The problem

40+ million people are living in slavery.  10 million of them are kids. We’re here to do something about that. Sympathy doesn’t fix this problem.  Action does!

The response

Prevention, protection, and prosecution is already underway!  Calling Guardians is here to ensure anti-trafficking work is able to continue doing what it does best – keeping people out of trafficking, arresting perpetrators, and bringing true freedom to those in need.

The invitation

$1/day per employee is all it takes to make a measurable impact for justice.  Each of your team members holds the potential to unlock freedom for the world’s most vulnerable.


Why others love Calling Guardians

10 million kids are currently trafficked. We're not ok with that.