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Each Calling Guardian business will receive a quarterly impact report highlighting stories of rescue and people who’ve been directly impacted by CG, and data on the impact CG is having for those fighting human trafficking around the world.

Each dollar given through Calling Guardians is invested in the work of Unseen, a global anti-trafficking accelerator.

Unseen removes the growth barrier for its anti-trafficking partners by providing integrated marketing materials—at no cost to them. They increase partners’ capacities to do more anti-trafficking work. When their partners have better communication tools, they raise more funds and accomplish more work, faster.

This approach has proved effective. It includes systems, a network of creatives producing content, and a team of project managers working with 20+ anti-trafficking partners producing thoughtful fundraising materials. These materials help Unseen’s partners serve more people significantly beyond what would be possible without such a partnership.

Unseen is vetting and partnering with organizations doing essential prevention and aftercare work—making people less vulnerable to trafficking. They provide rescue, repatriation, safe shelter, food, clean water, vocational training, job creation, legal services, and more.

Over 40 million people are enslaved or trafficked in the world today. Trafficking is highly profitable, growing, and remains one of the top three criminal industries, and yet: Anti-trafficking work remains underfunded.

Trafficking is lucrative and highly funded. Anti-trafficking work is underfunded. This lack of funding slows the fight against trafficking, including the identification of trafficked victims, delivery of aftercare services, and prosecution of criminals. Counter-trafficking work depends on increased funds so organizations can hire staff to provide critical services to at-risk people. It requires adding personnel and technology to investigate crimes, collect evidence, and prosecute perpetrators leading to higher conviction rates and disincentivization of trafficking.

Anti-trafficking funding is often unpredictable—impeding growth. Predictable revenue and a solid financial base are arguably the way for anti-trafficking work to scale programs to make a bigger ongoing impact, attract high-caliber staff, and grow the reach of justice and true freedom globally.

Yes! A tax receipt will be issued to you for all your contributions.

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